The Pebbell Pendant Alarm is a small personal alarm backed by the 24/7 Response Centre Monitoring Centre and is suitable for anyone who spends time alone – at home, at work or out and about.  The device incorporates GPS and uses the mobile phone network to send the Response Centre an accurate location of the Pebbell and allows two-way conversations between the wearer and the Support Monitoring centre staff. The device also has the latest GPS technology and a multi-network SIM is used to ensure that as long as a mobile network exists, the device will always stay connected.

When you activate the alarm, via pressing a button on the Pebbell, an operator in the Response Centre will answer the call. Your location will appear on their monitor and you can talk to them.

The operators are highly trained and experienced in answering calls for help from people who have had an accident, feel unwell or otherwise need help. Providing the device is outside or near a window, the GPS will ensure the location is accurate to around 10 metres. However, because the device reports its location around every 3 minutes, even if the user is out of ‘sight’ of the satellites (in an underground car park, for example), the device software can give a very good indication of your location even if you are inside. When stationary the Alarm reports its location every 10 minutes.

The device is about the size of an electronic car key and can be worn as a pendant, a key fob or in a pocket. It is neat, discreet, lightweight and very easy to use.


SOS Alarms

If the SOS button is pressed an SMS with is location is sent to all contact numbers, which are also dialled in sequence to initiate a two-way voice call.

Fall Detection

With built-in fall detection, the PEBBELL can automatically send an SMS to alert all contacts without the user needing to press the SOS button.

Real-time location monitoring

The PEBBELL can use its data connection to automatically update its alarm status and location in the online tracking platform.

Smart Power

Battery life is not wasted when the device is not moving and an SMS notification is sent when the battery power drops below 19%.


The PEBBELL has a waterproof classification of IP-66 which means it even works when dropped in a glass of water.

Two-way Voice Calls

The PEBBELL can receive incoming calls and initiate Non-emergency calls by using the call button.

Location services

From any smartphone use SMS commands to request the current location of the Pebbell and view on Google Maps,

If enabled the PEBBELL can periodically upload its location and status to the location platform and viewed using the Web App

Location services