Together Tablet

Together Tablet

The Telecare industry is drastically changing for the new era of digital telecare, to be able to supply a sustainable and more reliable service with minimal disruption.  All analogue devices will become obsolete by 2025 due to the new digital service coming into effect

With this in mind, Careline Care has acquired new digital technologies to be at the forefront of supplying a digital service throughout the industry. Our Ensemble (Together) tablet allows family members, carers and friends of family to stay connected to loved ones through an easily manageable app for all IOS and Android devices.

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How it works?

The Together Tablet connects through your WiFi network using the Ensemble application (App) and runs through a true roaming sim, which connects to any network present in the area. This means gone are the days of running cables from a life line unit to nearest power socket and telephone socket. The Together Tablet can be taken to any room in the house, by simply unplugging the device and plugging it back into the power point.  Brilliant if you want peace of mind that the system is movable around the house to fit the end users needs.  This can also be taken on any holiday or location in the UK, providing the monitoring service anywhere you are.  All that is required would be a simple update of the UK location you will be residing in for your holiday/break. Also a second tablet can be supplied if a loved one goes into a UK care home, which would allow you to maintain contact with friends and family. Please note: all of our monitoring services on our devices and products will only function in the UK.



  • Our app allows you to video call, text message, photo or video message the end user.
  • Keeping families connected 24/7 combating loneliness for elderly which is a key factor in today’s society.
  • The Ensemble (Together) Tablet is also connected to our 24/7 TSA accredited monitoring centre.
  • Providing a fast and reliable service in any emergency should one arise.
  • The end user of our Ensemble (Together) Tablet is also able to video call any contacts stored on the device, by simply tapping the address book and scrolling through the list of contacts.